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Feb 13 2014

Oh hay. We’re pre-anxiety-ing the camp takota release (cc: @mametown)!



Oh hay. We’re pre-anxiety-ing the camp takota release (cc: @mametown)!


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Feb 05 2014
Feb 03 2014

That owl got lost…

Harry hits his growth spurt the summer before his 6th year at Hogwarts when he grew about a foot, according to Hermione.

I think someone forgot to tell Daniel…

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Feb 02 2014
Jan 30 2014

Diagon Alley

Say it really fast…


Good one, JKR.

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If you want to marry me…

Have a custom wand waiting to choose me at Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Diagon Alley with the ring around it.

I don’t think I could bring myself to say no.

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Jan 27 2014

September 1, 2017, 9:00 am

You can find me at Kings Cross Station, trying to spot the Weasleys and Potters dropping off their kids to the Hogwarts Express.

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Jan 17 2014

Where all dem crazies at?

During my final 2 years of high school, I watched as my brother ruined his relationships with his friends and his family to be with a girl who was manipulative and abusive. It took until after he got married to my sister-in-law before he could sever the ties, and I’m not even sure if that is the case. Because of this experience, I have become extremely protective of the men in my life, especially when I begin to see signs of manipulation or abuse.

It’s very difficult to watch a woman treat a man like that and not want to get involved. It’s why I do not associate myself with women who act in that manner. I am very receptive to how the people around me behave, good or bad, and it will change my behavior very quickly.

I also have a very hard time stepping back when someone I love is being treated this way and I am aware of it. Clearly, I don’t stand for it, and will do whatever I can to make it stop.

I could never be a princess who waits for her prince charming to come slay the dragon or defeat the evil witch. I would just do it myself. I’m done with waiting around, and I think it’s time to leave my tower and start doing the saving.

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Jan 16 2014

New research shows 0.6% of rape allegations are false.

and for those interested, you can find the report HERE

Just in case any dudebros are unclear on what this means: it means that your buddy who totally just had some bitch trying to ruin his life by accusing him of rape…almost certainly actually did rape her.  

Just keep that in mind.

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Jan 11 2014






This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

Every male should be required to read this.


the most perfect post. 

This is marvelous and I very much want this to be a YouTube video so that it can be more easily digestible.

But I will point out that you’re not going to get toxic shock syndrome because you leave your tampon in for an extra 3 minutes. Toxic shock is a rare disease and the chances of getting it can be increased by the prolonged use of tampons. Incidence is about 0.003% per year of tampon-using women. (That’s roughly the murder rate in the US…though, to be clear, for all people, whether or not they use tampons)

In other words…you do not have a time bomb ticking in your crotch. Toxic shock is rare, but be aware of the symptoms just in case.

Wow, thanks for being nit-picky.

Just as a point of clarification, when we all split off into our gender segregated groups for the “puberty” lesson when we’re 10, girls get to go through a load of fear mongering bullshit.

Yeah, we eventually learn from experience that TSS is rare, and it doesn’t happen if you wait 5 minutes too long to change your tampon. But for the first, oh, I’d say 1-2 years of regular tampon use, you hear the horrific stories of women who got TSS and experienced everything horrible.

When it comes to the reproductive system, the female body drew the short end of this fucking stick, and I for one am ready for the Human Farms that the robots/aliens will make that will finally allow women the opportunity not to have to carry around the next round of insensitive asshats who think that because they have a penis, their opinion is the only one that matters.

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